TUM University Foundation

Promoting outstanding talent, focusing on research topics of relevance to society, making TUM more competitive on the international stage – these were the objectives that united the 46 founding members when they set up the TUM University Foundation in 2010 with a capital contribution of around EUR 14 million. They included well-known companies, alumni and other private individuals with close ties to TUM. The Foundation’s assets have grown dynamically in the meantime.

The alumni community is playing an ever greater role in supporting the TUM University Foundation, for example when funding appeals are organized for the Advent concerts and the Annual Giving. The members of the honorary Board of Directors and the Advisory Board decide how the funds are allocated. Applications to receive funding are not accepted. The Charter (Pdf download, 76 KB) sets out the mission of the Foundation, which provides guidelines on the allocation of funding. The Foundation is supervised by the government of Upper Bavaria as well as the tax office. The donors’ shared commitment provides a strong sense of connection. Read on to see how …

Achieve more together

In the TUM University Foundation, your contribution is pooled with that of many other individuals and institutions. This allows TUM to fast-track project ideas and promote the best talent. Every donor and endowment gives the TUM University Foundation’s greater maneuverability. Donors who contribute more than EUR 50,000 have their name engraved on the Wall of Honor in the university’s main foyer. You also receive an invitation to the annual Patrons’ Conference, where you can have a say on the work of the Foundation.

Be part of a community

As a donor, you will become part of a lively academic community. You will have the opportunity to meet interesting and dedicated individuals at the Patrons’ Conference and other exclusive events, and learn more about the many facets of TUM.

Meet tomorrow’s talent

Talented young recipients of funding are invited to the Patrons’ Conference. Here, they inform the attendees about how the TUM University Foundation has furthered their studies or their scientific research. Sponsors of Germany Scholarships via their own endowment fund also take part in the official ceremony for the awarding of grants.

Enjoy the appreciation

Private and institutional donors have their name added to the Wall of Honor in the foyer of TUM’s main building as well as on our virtual Wall of Honor. It goes without saying that donors may remain anonymous if they wish. You can keep up to date on the latest developments in the regular issues of TUM’s magazine.

Gain insights into the latest research

All donors who make a significant contribution are invited to meet outstanding scientists at TUM twice a year to discuss their research work. From exploring the “big bang” through identifying the risks and opportunities of digitalization to discovering the latest advances in cancer research or future mobility technologies, you will have an opportunity to gain cutting-edge insights into TUM’s most exciting research engagements.