Wolfgang A. Herrmann, President of TUM. (Picture: A. Heddergott/TUM)
Wolfgang A. Herrmann, President of TUM. (Picture: A. Heddergott / TUM)

Dear friends of TUM!

We have shared the good fortune of being able to live in a country of inner and outer peace for many decades now. We have enjoyed a sound education. We can bring our talents to fruition. We live in a stable economic environment. Most of us suffer neither poverty nor hardship. In other words, we are well-off all round.

In view of this, we are blessed with a surplus capacity which allows us to play an active part in shaping the future of our society. The safest, and in fact the only sustainable investment we can make in our country’s future lies in discovering and nurturing the gifted younger generation. In our role as a university that has made an excellent name for itself through perseverance and performance, we are looking for the "best brains" so that, with your support and creativity, we can collectively compete against our keen rivals in the academic world. Based on the respectable rank we have already achieved so far, we want to move up to become one of the leading universities in Germany and take our place among the top universities in the world league tables.

It was with a view to approaching closer to this goal, in the interests of both our university and our country, that we set up the TUM University Foundation. It spreads our financial basis. It gives us scope for new entrepreneurial negotiations. It sounds the signal that TUM enjoys the special trust of both private and institutional benefactors whose own experience has taught them what competitiveness is and what it means for our country. The co-founders will become the role models for the alumni community which the TUM University Foundation will continue to support for a long time to come.

I therefore ask you: please will you also become a role model for the generations to come? Set an example and help the TUM family to become a pioneer of a cohesive civil society! Let us use our financial commitment to pay back some of the benefits that provided us with a good education! We have accomplished what we need for our lives. Let us now think of tomorrow!

With kind regards,


Wolfgang A. Herrmann
Chairman of the Board