Your commitment

With your financial commitment, you will be supporting the next generation of talented individuals who will shape the future of our country. Your contribution will therefore have a long-term impact. You can also add your personal stamp to the work of the Foundation, either by setting up your own fund tailored to your individual wishes, or by helping to realize major projects along with other donors. We will advise you on suitable arrangements for your tailored funding solution. We have compiled some suggestions for you below:


When you make an endowment to the assets of the TUM University Foundation, you provide long-term, sustainable support to the Technical University of Munich. Your contribution is pooled with that of many other donors. The funding comes from the income generated by the invested assets. This means that your contribution will benefit not only today’s but also tomorrow’s researchers, professors and students at TUM. If you contribute more than EUR 50,000, you will also be invited to attend Patrons’ Conferences and cultural and scientific events, where you will enjoy exclusive insights into the research being conducted at TUM. Go to Foundation account

Endowment fund

With a sufficient financial contribution, you can also set up a fund in your name under the umbrella of the TUM University Foundation. With this gesture, you can launch a long-lasting project of your choice and with your name during your own lifetime.


By making a donation, you support the projects sponsored by the TUM University Foundation in the short term. Donations have to be spent promptly and for that reason are not added to the Foundation capital. Go to Foundation account

A donation in lieu of a gift

Special events such as birthdays, anniversaries or celebrations are all apt occasions to request donations for the TUM University Foundation. Every contribution is welcome and helps bolster the Foundation’s assets.

A donation in lieu of funeral flowers

Something positive can also come out of a sad occasion for the good of future generations. Some alumni (or their bereaved families) ask people attending their funeral to consider making a donation to the TUM University Foundation instead of giving flowers or a wreath. This provides a lasting tribute to their memory.

Making a donation in a will

You can open up opportunities and shape the future for generations to come by considering the TUM University Foundation in your will. In this way, you can advance the state of research in areas of interest to you even beyond your lifetime. For more information click here.

Tax benefits

You can claim statutory tax deductions on contributions to the TUM University Foundation.

Ethical guidelines

Your support makes a difference! The funding received by TUM is subject to strict ethical guidelines set out in our Fundraising Code of Conduct (PDF download, 0.2 MB).