Dear Friends and Sponsors of TUM,

A university is nothing without the people who bring it to life with their ideas, their thirst for knowledge and their pioneering spirit. Equally important are the committed individuals who support research and teaching talent in realizing their ambitions.

Generations of students and leading researchers have gone on to become global ambassadors for our university. Many have maintained close ties with their alma mater through our alumni network, providing extremely valuable intellectual and financial support for the future of our university. Under the umbrella of the TUM University Foundation, they join forces with companies and patrons motivated by a strong sense of responsibility with the aim of strengthening TUM in its efforts to achieve its strategic objectives and shape a better society.

The TUM University Foundation extends our entrepreneurial reach. It promotes innovation, helping the university to evolve beyond disciplinary, institutional or mindset boundaries. It also sends a wider signal, showing that private and institutional donors trust in TUM – donors who have experienced competitiveness first hand and know how important it is for our country. In addition, it gives sponsors an open platform to engage with academia, industry, politics and society around the visionary programs driven by one of Europe’s top technical universities and experience in person the benefits of their contributions and support.

That is precisely what makes this partnership so fascinating and valuable, and it is why I call on you to become one of these socially responsible role models for future generations. Through our financial commitment, let us give something back so that others can also benefit from the solid springboard that a good education gave us. We have achieved our goals in life. Maybe it’s time to turn our attention to the future.

Warm regards

Prof. Dr. Thomas F. Hofmann
President of TUM and
Chairman of the Board of the TUM University Foundation