Facts and figures

Founded in 2010

Yearly certificate by certified public accountant


Germany’s largest university foundation


163 donors

26 companies (contribution of EUR 500,000 or more) and more than 100 private individuals (contribution of EUR 50,000 or more), around half of whom are alumni (as of June 30, 2021)

Endowment of EUR 57 million 

(as of December 31, 2020)

Value of funding in 2020: EUR 2.4 Mio.



Projects funded since 2013

(as of June 30, 2020)

New projects funded in 2020/2021

Covid 19 resarch
A total of EUR 653 000 was given to six different research projects.

Digital teaching
The massive expansion of digital teaching due to the corona pandemic was supported by an amount of EUR 570 000.

TUM Boring
60 team members of this student project were supported by the TUM University Foundation. They aim to build the world’s fastest tunnel boring machine and are competing in Elon Musk’s Not-a-Boring Competition. The Tunnels are necessary for the new mobility concept of hyperloop.