TUM University Foundation

Seven years after its establishment in 2010, the TUM University Foundation has become an important pillar in the university’s development. Over 100 alumni, patrons and companies have signed up as donors. They support the Foundation in its efforts to promote TUM as an entrepreneurial university. As a top-class university, TUM is up against tough international competition – and it must attract the top talent to keep pace. Government funding alone will not suffice to attract this kind of talent. So, the TUM University Foundation invests its funds in programs aimed at attracting young talent, who add huge value to the university and to Germany as a scientific and economic hub.

The TUM University Foundation plays a key role in shaping the identity of the TUM community. Increasingly, it is supported by TUM’s extensive international alumni network, including donations received during the advent concerts. Many TUM alumni recognize that their alma mater was the cornerstone on which they built successful careers. They are keen to give something back to the TUM community – both now and in the future – and express their desire to contribute to society as active citizens.

Information brochure on the TUM University Foundation

To receive your free copy of the brochure, please e-mail  fundraising(at)zv.tum.de. Alternatively, you can download the brochure here: (Pdf-Download 1,5 MB)